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Celebrating Miracle Moms Everywhere

As we head into a weekend filled with celebrations for mothers everywhere, miracle mom Danna wanted to share a message:

At 5 days past due, and after 24 hours of labor – I finally touched the cheek of my dark-haired beauty – Nyla Jane. Exhausted and rejoicing, something nagged at my weary brain that something was wrong. My new little babe couldn’t seem to eat, her heart raced, and her breathing was dangerously fast. Each hour the desperation grew. And then, finally, we learned that Nyla Jane could no swallow, along with a small hole in her heart and breathing problems. 

Some days she fought real hard, and others we fought for her. The exhaustion at just… living; it was wearing her out. Redemption began with a surgery that placed a feeding tube. A tube that literally allows us to feed her directly at the source – right past her stomach. We watched her start her life anew. With energy to grow, smile, even laugh. I now look at her ‘tubie’ with immense gratitude. It, along with devoted doctors and therapists at Primary Children’s Hospital, has given me the chance to mother this incredible, feisty girl whom is totally adored! 

It is amazing to see the fierce competition between locations of who can raise the most money for kids. It’s inspiring to see the brainstorming of new and inventive ways to raise money for kids in need. It inspires each of us doing our shopping errands to do the same. I hope those reading this will consider making the ask. Or, that those being asked will consider giving. It’s not just helping my Nyla Jane, but families in your own neighborhoods. This is the ‘never suppress a generous though’ concept. Give what you can. Whether it’s a dollar or kind encouragement. This generosity – in either capacity – is a gracious way to say “hey, we are all in this human thing together.”

Your devotion to supporting families like mine through Primary Children’s Hospital and Children’s Miracle Network allows me to be her mom this Mother’s Day. How do I possibly thank you for that? So, I’m going to say thank you, and I hope you’ll consider that thank you straight from my heart to yours. Thank you.

Thank you for helping me to celebrate this Mother’s Day as Nyla Jane’s mom.