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Gamers raise $43,516 for Primary Children’s Hospital


The gamers in our community have huge hearts. They raised $43,516, and counting, for Primary Children’s Hospital by participating in the 24-hour Extra Life gaming marathon. Thanks to the top 10 Extra Life fundraisers for Primary Children’s and the 664 other gamers who are gaming to help kids in our community!

Top 10 Extra Life Fundraisers for Primary Children’s Hospital

  1. Pete LlamaChomp $5,006.27
  2. The eSports Association at the University of Utah $2,912.73
  3. Matthew Smith $1,470
  4. Hiba Issa $1,285
  5. Jeremy Christensen $1,250
  6. Liz Aponte $1,250
  7. Jeffrey Rawlins $1,200
  8. Patrick Grimley $1,140
  9. David Fay $1,000
  10. Matthew Walker $790



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