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Meet Utah Champion, Alex


Alex was born with half a heart. Since his birth, he has suffered strokes, endured a heart transplant and has had surgery to remove a large abscess on his liver.

Through everything, Alex remains extremely positive. He will need to take medication for the rest of his life to ensure that his body doesn’t reject his new heart. These medications make it harder for his body to fight off illnesses, but his new heart makes a lot of things possible that weren’t possible before.

Alex loves anything that moves and has been fascinated with trucks, trains, and motorcycles since he was a toddler. He also enjoys working on puzzles and putting together complex Legos creations.

While in the hospital, Alex didn’t like the idea of a bucket list, so he created a “live list” including activities, accomplishments, lessons learned and moments of joy. He is giving his all to his second chance at life.

img_0330How donations helped Alex at Primary Children’s Hospital:  

Funds raised through CMN Hospitals go directly to help kids like Alex at his children’s hospital. This includes the charity care program, specialized equipment and other programs and services to meet the needs of kids like Alex.